Dear Valued Customer,

every „La Provencale - Maison du Midi” soap is made according to the traditional recipe of the classic Savon de Marseille, which means each bar contains 72 percent oil it its content.

We sought out the most experienced soapmakers we could find, and engaged their expertise to design soaps that would be very appealing to today’s customers.

With a great deal of care and diligence, and in cooperation with master soapmakers, we have again researched and developed our complete collection of fragranced and softly coloured soaps. Much consideration went into selection of each fragrance and colour.

To entice retail appeal, every bar is individually stamped, and for most soaps natural ingredients are used to enhance the performance of the soap. For example, we use dried herbs, dried fruit peel and flower petals for a nice scrub or peeling effect.

We use a wide range of fine perfumes in our „La Provençale - Maison du Midi” collection so that everynose will find its perfect match.

Our mission is to supply luxury soaps that meet the highest demands for quality and use, and also have high appeal at retail locations.

All of the soaps in our collection are guaranteed to be free of any animal fat or animal product derivative. Thus, these are true vegan products.

We ensure our soaps are made to the most modern hygienic standards.

When you use a „La Provençale - Maison du Midi” soap, you’ll note its creamy smooth foam, wonderful fragrance and excellent cleansing ability. Yet our soap does not dry out the skin, a key benefit of the formula we use. All of this quality comes in a package with an appealing “retro” look. These are very high-class products that have the visual appeal and product performance the customer expects.